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I'm looking for a Evinrude Sleigh Mate, Not a project but doesn't need to be a show piece. Thank You Tom @ 612-963-3237
I m wondering if anyone has ch640 plans they are willing to sell? Or project/flying plane.
Hi looking for a seat for 78 or 79 blizzard and a very nice or repop hood call will be at Princeton call or text only
I think these were on all 64-66 Chevy SB s. I have the 4 retainers that bolt to the valve cover lower bolts. Rebuilding the SB that came with the car. Was thinking maybe someone had the two retainers that bolt to the two rear upper valve bolts.
Open to just about anything, but PREFER black interior. Exterior color, I'm really open to. They all look nice inmo.. This is mainly an tax thing for biz for NEXT years taxes. I do NOT want a 20, only a left over 19. I do NOT want an XT-4 either, not 179 approved. I'm approved through my bank but I know if there are dealerships on here, you can beat it. I have pristine credit and have a late mo...
My shift lever (and clamp piece) are not sliding onto the shift rod. Can't find them anywhere online, hoping someone has a spare. Edit -oops, meant to put in classified parts
Hello everyone, My wife's dream car is a 1967 fastback. I'm looking for any leads on a nice one. We want something that is in excellent condition and driver ready. She prefers an automatic transmission, but not a deal breaker for the right car. The car can be a restomod. Absolutely no rust! Budget is somewhere around 70k max. Thanks for any leads. Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using Tapatalk
Hey all, hoping to find a CLEAN 3.6 4mo wagon. Mileage isn't too much of a concern as long as the proper serviced have been completed. Located in MN but would be more than willing to travel for the right example.
1964-5 Rear bumper guards Wanted 1964-5 chevelle rear bumper guards. These need only be in driver condition. I would like them to have mounting hardware if possible. I already have the front set would love to have the rear ones. Thanks Asking Price: Best Offer City: Eagan State: Minnesota Displayed Email: Phone: Text me at 651-295-6157
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 I am trying to my father s old 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396. He purchased it in June/July of 1969 and then sold in June/July of 1971. He always regretted selling this vehicle and I am trying to see if it is possible to locate it (if it survived the last 40 years), obtain any information regarding it, purchase it back (if possible) and give it to him as a surprise....
True 68 or 69 Chevelle SS 396 Looking for a 68 or 69 Chevelle SS 396. Like 4 speeds but an automatics will work. Like original showroom cars. Must be a real 396 SS. No clones. Not looking for a major project...... NO RUST BUCKETS. I have cash. Please call me or send me an email. Phone numbers a must for quick response. PICTURES and Cowl tag information. Call Tom 952-201-8118 Asking Price: Best ...
Drip Rail A Pillar original Stainless Trim Looking for 1970 chevelle coupe original drip rail A-pillar stainless trim for both sides of car. Please let me know what you have. Thanks. Asking Price: Best Offer City: Lakeville State: MN Displayed Email: Phone: 952-334-1606 Link: wanted
engine lift hooks Looking for 1970 L34 396 lift hooks part number 3969829 front lift hook has three holes back lift hook has L or V stamping. Thanks. Asking Price: Best Offer City: Lakeville State: MN Displayed Email: Phone: 952-334-1606 Link: wanted
Delco Moraine splindles backing plates brackets and hardware ffor 4 piston caliper setup. Hi everyone, I am looking for a complete set of 68 front disk brake parts minus the calipers. 4 piston style only. these would be going on my 68 El camino SS Asking Price: Best Offer City: Minneapolis State: MN. Displayed Email: Phone: 612-229-6292
Wanted Big Block AC Compressor Brackets, Thinking 65 -68 BBc AC brackets are all the same. Asking Price: Best Offer City: Wabasha State: MN Displayed Email: Phone: 850-240-3405
AC compressor front & rear adjustment brackets BBC Either 65-66 front adjustment bracket and 65-68 rear adjustment bracket. BBC are different than SB. Asking Price: Best Offer City: lake city State: mn Displayed Email: Phone: 850-240-3405
Original 1108418 starter Looking for an original 1108418 starter. Dated early 1970. Asking Price: Best Offer City: Lakeville State: MN Displayed Email: Link: wanted
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